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intercomSECURE DIGITAL LIMITED does provide Intercoms Systems that are installed in Residential, Commercial, offices and many various locations. The system is used to communicate with the source that is within the premises before they can allow you to get in. SDL do have various types of systems that they install.

We do have the systems that only has a buzzer and some are wireless and others are wired connected. We do have the Audio intercom with this you just communicate word by word without seeing who it is.

This type of system also has a buzzer that when it is pressed it alerts the person within the premises that there is someone at the door or at the gate.

SDL also has other systems with Black and white video where by the person within can view the person at the door and communicate one on one and the systems do have a buzzer also. There are those systems that are colored and they operate the same.

The Intercoms are installed at the Gate at the door and this notifies the people within the office and in the house that there is a person outside the gate or at the gate.

Secure Digital Limited will be honored if you make that call or you send us that email to inform us that you are interested with an intercom in your house or in your office or in your factory.


1. Intercom System Site Survey Free.

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3. Intercom System Maintenance.

An intercom is rather like a telephone – it lets two or more people carry on a conversation over a wired circuit. It shares much of the same technology too.

intercomAs with a telephone system, there are small intercom systems, with just a handful of “stations”, and there are larger ones with many thousands, in different buildings and we have others that are colored and others with video you can be able to see who you are talking to.

An intercom sound is much clearer. They are of good quality; they don’t distort the sound of a person’s voice. Intercom systems, being essentially private systems, may be designed to reproduce a more high fidelity (Hi-Fi) sound.



Where Applied


  1. They can be installed at the Main Gate and any person can communicate with the person in the House who decides if to open or not.
  2. They can be connected at the Entry door in residential houses, Flats, Offices etc.
  3. They are also used to communicate with one person to the other from limited location.

For any installation that you may require SECURE DIGITAL LIMITED is the best company to depend on for we are reliable and we offer professional quality work


SDL is waiting for your call at any time.

 For More Details Don't Hesitate to Call Us.

 Tel: +254 20 2622944, +254 786 909070, +254 727 909060

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We do outsource our products from various international manufacturers listed below.

Companies / Manufacturers SDL Deals With for: CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Burglar Alarm, Intercoms & Electric Fences Systems in Kenya
  • Kocom
  • Centurion
  • IP tec
  • Vivotek
  • IDS Digital Security (Control Panels & CCTV Systems)
  • Secu-Alarm (Enforcer Brands)
  • Texecom
  • Risco Group
  • Garrett
  • I-Vision
  • CNB
  • Hikivision
  • GKB
  • Aver-Media
  • Nemtek
  • Prosys alarm control panel
  • ZKSoftware
  • X-Vission
  • Merlin
  • Wizard
  • Hammer
  • Aegis-fence Perimeter System co.
And many more manufacturing and supplying companies.

We look forward for a chance to serve and offer you; security solutions, consultations as well as supply and installations of:-

  1. Security Systems and Products
    • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) in Kenya and beyond
    • Access Control Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Burglar Alarm Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Intercoms Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Central Aerial Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Electric Fences / Razor Fence / Perimeter Protection in Kenya and beyond. e.t.c
  2. Service Maintenance Contracts for:
    • CCTV Cameras, Electric Fences / Razor Fences, Access Control etc in Kenya and beyond.
  3. Supply and installation of Electrical and Networking materials in Kenya and beyond.


SDL installs security systems in industries, institutions, public buildings, government institutions, warehouses, offices, hotels, business premises, airports and private residential houses.

SDL is devoted to effective management of its work force to optimize efficiency in attending to our clientele.

Our Dynamic Administrative and Operational Structure is set up to successfully meet the challenges of the security industry. With SDL you are assured of a responsive and excellent security system of any kind.


Fisheye Camera

Never Miss an Angle

Fish Eye Cameras in Kenya

Key Features

6 Mega Pixels, 120dB WDR, 360 degrees view, Independent PTZ control, Up to 15m IR, Multiole Viewing Modes, On-board Storage, Audio/Alarm IO optional (-S), Outdoor version optional (-V)

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