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Why CCTV System?

The Surveillance cameras are installed to capture any movement at any particular moment 24hrs non stop and well as record and store the events. These will be a definite deterrent against would be criminals/thieves. The System can be linked to your existing security service provider i.e. G4S, Security Group Limited, KK Security, Seculex, Sentry and Patrol, Radar, BM, etc. The alarm will deter the person from entering the premises, as it serves as an early warning device if the cameras Senses any illegal movements thus triggering the Alarm System.


The System can also be Linked to be viewed at any place through Internet. Via Mobile Phone, Laptop, Computer, Tablet, IPad, at all times.

The CCTV Systems can use IP Cameras with NVR, wireless, analogue via DVR and both IP and Analogue with Hybrid DVR.

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About CCTV

A CCTV system is a sensitive and most vital type of system, which once it has been installed cannot be left to maintain itself. “Cameras should be properly maintained and serviced to ensure that clear images are recorded”. To ensure that it works effectively we offer Monthly, Bi-monthly and Quarterly Maintenance Contracts which will give peace of mind to the Bank and its Clients.

SDL provides Quality CCTV products Ranging From 420TVL to 600 TVL and still improving soon will have 700 TVL. Our products are affordable to everyone who requires CCTV system.


SDL is waiting for your call at any time.

 For More Details Don't Hesitate to Call Us.

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We do outsource our products from various international manufacturers listed below.

Companies / Manufacturers SDL Deals With for: CCTV Cameras, Access Control, Burglar Alarm, Intercoms & Electric Fences Systems in Kenya
  • Kocom
  • Centurion
  • IP tec
  • Vivotek
  • IDS Digital Security (Control Panels & CCTV Systems)
  • Secu-Alarm (Enforcer Brands)
  • Texecom
  • Risco Group
  • Garrett
  • I-Vision
  • CNB
  • Hikivision
  • GKB
  • Aver-Media
  • Nemtek
  • Prosys alarm control panel
  • ZKSoftware
  • X-Vission
  • Merlin
  • Wizard
  • Hammer
  • Aegis-fence Perimeter System co.
And many more manufacturing and supplying companies.

We look forward for a chance to serve and offer you; security solutions, consultations as well as supply and installations of:-

  1. Security Systems and Products
    • Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) in Kenya and beyond
    • Access Control Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Burglar Alarm Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Intercoms Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Central Aerial Systems in Kenya and beyond
    • Electric Fences / Razor Fence / Perimeter Protection in Kenya and beyond. e.t.c
  2. Service Maintenance Contracts for:
    • CCTV Cameras, Electric Fences / Razor Fences, Access Control etc in Kenya and beyond.
  3. Supply and installation of Electrical and Networking materials in Kenya and beyond.


SDL installs security systems in industries, institutions, public buildings, government institutions, warehouses, offices, hotels, business premises, airports and private residential houses.

SDL is devoted to effective management of its work force to optimize efficiency in attending to our clientele.

Our Dynamic Administrative and Operational Structure is set up to successfully meet the challenges of the security industry. With SDL you are assured of a responsive and excellent security system of any kind.


Fisheye Camera

Never Miss an Angle

Fish Eye Cameras in Kenya

Key Features

6 Mega Pixels, 120dB WDR, 360 degrees view, Independent PTZ control, Up to 15m IR, Multiole Viewing Modes, On-board Storage, Audio/Alarm IO optional (-S), Outdoor version optional (-V)

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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