CCTV, Burglar Alarms, Intercoms, Metal Detectors, Access Control, and Electric Fence Systems in Kenya


Closed Circuit Television System CCTV.

cctvWelcome to world of CCTV Installation made easy and Suitable By SDL. We have installed various CCTV Systems in Kenya ranging from small businesses eg Shops, Chemists, Offices, Boutiques e.t.c having 2 CCTV cameras, to Manufacturing Companies thus storey complexes.

Our business model is purely based on customer satisfaction. Unlike many competitors, we will not disappear after the initial service and our dedicated CCTV support will be just a Phone call away. We promise to provide you with unbiased, expert advice on the best products and technologies for your needs.

We supply and Install the latest the latest Products that will suite you. We always deliver accordingly and make sure we install the best so as to satisfy and meet your needs. CCTV Systems comprises of various aspects that why we insist that you call us we provide to you the best Consultation ever. Our delight is when you are able to save your time and money at the long run.

Burglar Alarm System.

AlarmTheft and criminal damage is a constant threat to all of us, whether it is a family home or business premises. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that it can happen any time and we should take preventative actions to minimize the risks.

A small one off cost can reduce this risk significantly.
Protecting Your Home or Business: Whether you need external intruder detection or to safeguard key internal areas we have a solution for you.

SECURE DIGITAL LIMITED We will assess the particular risks to your premises and operations and design a Burglar Alarm system around them combining proven equipment with leading edge technologies. Later we will advise the best Security Firm to have their Back up Response. Please simply contact us or book a free consultation.

Intercom System.


Intercom System is the kind of system that is installed at the door entry or at the Gate and when it is pressed it notifies the person who is within the premises.

This kind of system has ben made in a way you can communicate with the person or you can see the person and talk at the same time.

Secure Digital Limited will install any Kind of the system of your choice.

Metal Detectors System.

detectorThis kind of System include hand held Metal detector type of scanners that scans the body for any harmful weapons that someone may have before he access any premise.

The Scanner scans for Bombs, Knives, guns e.t.c

Secure Digital Ltd do also have walk through Metal detectors where by anyone who walks past the door can be scanned and if there are any harmful weapons they can be detected.

Access Control System


Access control refers to security features that control who can access any premise at any given time.

This safe guards the resources in the Premises.

Applications call access control functions to set who can access specific resources or control access to resources provided by the application.

Perimeter Protection System.

fenceAs many people call it Electric fence.

Secure digital Limited Installs to safe guard any intruder from accessing the premise, we have

Stand Alone Electric Fence,

Top of the wall and Razor fence which can be combined with top of the wall or fixed alone

Electrical Wiring, Maintenance and Supply of Electrical Materials.

socketWhen you are talking about Electrical wiring and maintenance we talk about electrical installation existing or for a new premise.

SDL will install any premise and supply the required electrical materials that are required for the site.

SDL will survey the premise and consult with the client and note all the items that are required and with that SDL will provide the client with a comprehensive copy of the quotation and then SDL is ready to proceed on after clients approval.

SDL can maintain an already existing electrical installation by this we mean a client may have a premise that wants to be upgraded or to replace the accessories due to wearing out or to upgrade the installation.

Also SDL do supply any Electrical materials that you may require when you have an installer of your choice. Our products are genuine and approved and tested to be ok. Let SDL be the company to serve you.

Service / Maintenance Contracts and Professional Advice.

cctv Maintenance

Secure Digital Limited has realized that so many clients end up losing at the long run due to lack of systems maintenance and always not serviced now and then thus leading to products depreciation and wearing out. Due to this SDL has come up with a solution whereby any system that a client may have can be serviced and maintained to protect the products installed. Secure Digital Limited does offer Monthly, Quarterly, Twice, and once an year service and maintenance at different rates.
Secure Digital Limited makes an agreement with the client and emphasizes on how to undergo the whole operation. SDL is invited for a survey that is free of charge, we note the condition of the present products and their condition and how they are performing then after that SDL offers a comprehensive analysis’s of the system present and gives the client the contract Form with the costs for the maintenance. We do also provide Consultations and Professional advice regarding the materials to use and the Products to Install.

SDL is waiting for your call at any time.

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